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“North Woods Rising”

A large-scale wall depiction of a full moon rising through the tree tops of the northern Maine forest in the Katahdin region. Fir, Aspen, Pine, and Spruce trees carved from Eastern Red Cedar raised out of a massive Black Cherry matrix as a deep night sky. Full moon carved from White Ash. Rests on three knuckles carved into a wall-shelf.

46” H X 80”W X 4 ” D

Artist’s Price: $5,500

Acadian Sentinels

Acadian Sentinels


Acadian Sentinels” is a free-standing depiction

of ravens carved in stained Black Cherry,

one watching,

the other lifting into alarmed flight

from a fractured Cedar tree.

On architectural Black Cherry platform. 84″ H X 36” W

Winter Branches, 4X6 walnut-maple
Winter Branches, 4X6 walnut-maple


“Winter Branches”

Depicts four stylized winter branches laden with snow.

Soft Maple Snow carved on fabricated Walnut Branches against a Maple sky –

Black Walnut Frame

77” high X 43” wide X 4” deep


The Observer 20in spalted sugar maple
The Observer 20in spalted sugar maple

In Private Collection


Lenticular Cloud 4X3 red cedar white ash walnut
Lenticular Cloud 4X3 red cedar white ash walnut

In Private Collection

“Lenticular Cloud”

Depicts the sunset formation of a high altitude lenticular cloud over low hills.

Eastern Red Cedar clouds on a stained White Ash sky, Black Walnut hills – Oak Frame

Stained Red Oak frame.

30” high X 48” wide X 3” deep.


Gurupurnima Gurus Moon 6X7 elm maple red cedar, cherry
Gurupurnima Gurus Moon 6X7 elm maple red cedar, cherry


“Guru’s Moon” aka “Gurupurnima”

Depicts a summer full moon over the Gulf of Maine

A Maple Full Moon emerges from Eastern Red Cedar clouds over a sea of carved Elm –

Birch and Cherry Frame

59” high X 70” wide X 4” deep.


East Wind Breakers 4X2 red cedar-cherry-maple-walnut
East Wind Breakers 4X2 red cedar-cherry-maple-walnut


“East Wind Breakers”

Depicts breaking ocean waves driven by a heavy east wind onto the New England coast.

Soft Maple breakers on Eastern Red Cedar waves against Black Walnut rocks –

Red Oak Frame

15” high X 39” wide X 3” deep.


Constant Sea, walnut-ash-cherry 2X5
Constant Sea, walnut-ash-cherry 2X5


“Constant Sea”

Captures the continuous rolling of low waves into the beach at night.

White Ash breaks on Black Walnut waves against a stained Black Cherry Sky with Elm Clouds

In Mahogany frame.

20” high X 56” wide X 3” deep

Moon Pine 2


“Moon Pine”

Depicts a solitary Red Pine at night whose clusters of needles appear as ghostly forms.
Sugar Maple foliage on a Red Cedar tree stem and branches, a Sugar Maple moon
Glows from a White Ash sky.
48” high X 23” wide – no frame
Artist’s Price: $1,400

"Planetrising" 84" W X 32" H
“Planetrising” 84″ W
X 32″ H














“Planetrising” depicts a distant red planet rising in space

as seen from one of it’s own moons’ surfaces. 84″ W

X 32″ H. Black Cherry planet and space with deeply distressed

Yellow Birch moon.

Artist’s price: $3,000

Sea Storm 70″ W X 24″ H














“Sea Storm” depicts a violent storm cloud over an

enraged sea with lightening. 70″ W X 24″ H.

Clouds carved in Eastern Red Cedar, Baltic Birch lightening

and deeply carved White Ash sea waves.  Artist’s price: $2,400.


More information about these, other works, or commissioned wall relief or garden sculptures can be obtained from the artist: Carl J. Solberg, P. O Box 322, Waldoboro, Maine 04572

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